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Coming to Tom Price in March 2016

Tutor - Barbara Whitnell

Barbara has been involved with music all throughout her life. Initially learning tap and ballet dance, followed by classical piano lessons, she followed the footsteps of her parents who were both musically talented.

Barbara's achievements include numerous exams in classical piano, jazz piano, modern piano, electronic keyboard, electronic organ, piano accordion and theory of music and has also taught various instruments including guitar, drums and recorder.

Whilst in New Zealand, with a peak of 86 private music pupils, many successfully passed piano and guitar exams, some competed in the local music competitions and others simply learnt to play for pleasure.

Over the years, Barbara's love of music filtered into other areas including duo/band work and teaching music appreciation to over 600 school children in New Zealand primary schools. Teaching included a mix of choir, recorder, dance items, skits, music groups, musical plays and end of year school concerts. Other involvements included producing old time music hall concerts preparing and coaching 20 adult cast members in their performances. She has generated chord charts for NZ country music award contestants and been involved in voluntary music activities.

Barbara is very proud of her two sons who both learnt to play a range of instruments, perform in bands and successfully compete as vocalists in various NZ Country Music Awards.

"I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to learn music. Without it, my life wouldn't be as I know it now. I have met some brilliant people in my travels. As a music tutor, I want to pass on to future pupils the knowledge and skills of playing music so they too can emerge and become fulfilled in this magical musical journey. I hope they gain as much through learning music as I have".

Some photos involving forms of entertainment using music

Video of an item performed in a 1994 Music Hall Production

This is another example of what Barbara has been involved in throughout her life - song and dance!