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Coming to Tom Price in March 2016

Tuition Fees

NB: Fees may be amended at any time.

Duration One on One Weekly Cost Weekly Payment
30 mins Individual $35 One week in advance
60 mins Individual $70 One week in advance

Duration One on One Prepaid Fee ONE OFF Early Bird Discounted Fee
30 mins Individual $320 at 1st lesson $300 on Registration Day or online payment
60 mins Individual $640 at 1st lesson $600 on Registration Day or online payment

Please note:

  • Music books can be pre-ordered. They can range from between $20 and $40.
  • Some music books may also include a backing cd.
  • Please ensure you bring an A4 book so your tutor can write lesson notes in it.
  • Sometimes you may receive sheets of music (in addition to your music book), these are best stuck into a scrap book as opposed to a clear file. That way the light doesn't shine on the page when reading your music!
  • Please scroll down for further information.

Terms and Other Information

General and Tuition payments

  • The pupil should have an instrument at home to practise on.
  • It is encouraged that every pupil undertake practise sessions at home, 4 times a week, 10 - 20 mins per time (pending age and ability).
  • If you know you are unable to attend your lesson, it is good practice to advise the tutor as soon as possible.
  • Lessons are not usually held during school holidays or public holidays unless by prior arrangement.
  • Prepayment of fees MUST be made on the first of ten lessons ($320) and the block of l0 lessons can commence at any time during the term.
  • The special "early bird discounted fee" ($300) must be paid on registration day or via online payment before the close off date to coincide with school terms.
  • Registration date is tentatively 4 - 6pm on Thursday 7th April at the Nintirri Centre (upstairs) - details to be provided soon.
  • The cut off date for online payments for the "early bird discounted fee" is Saturday 16th April - bank details will be provided soon.
  • If all 10 lessons are used during the term (eg: where absent lessons have been caught up on), then the early bird discounted fee will apply for the following term.
  • Lesson credits may be carried over to the following term (where absences have occurred and lessons have not been "caught up") and the next 10 lessons will be $320 payable on the 1st day of attendance of that next 10 lesson block.
  • Lessons are usually held weekly, although alternative arrangements can be made if requested.
  • It may be possible to reschedule a missed lesson on a different day. This will help keep the continuity of lessons flowing without any interruption.
  • Pupils must arrive for their lesson on time and remember to bring all their books.
  • A parent or caregiver is welcome to sit in during lessons.

Casual Lessons*

It is encouraged that lessons be paid one week in advance, to show that there is an intent to attend lessons the following week.

Pupils are required to give prior notice of absence to ensure their lesson time is held. If no notification of absence has been received for two weeks in a row (and no advance payment has been received), then the lesson time may be considered vacant.

Group Lessons

Group lessons will be considered in the future for guitar pupils.


Where prepayments have been made for individual lessons, it is encouraged that a full commitment is made to attend all these lessons. Younger children in particular should be encouraged to complete their block of lessons paid for.

Personal circumstances may arise where it is simply impossible to complete a 10 week block of individual lessons that has been prepaid. Please discuss your situation with the tutor.

For circumstances involving unplanned long absences from group lessons, please speak to your tutor about your situation.


Where possible, group sessions may occur at least once every 6 months. This is where all music pupils can perform something that they have learnt and contribute to a "jam" session. It is also a form of lesson where each individual learns to play music with others.

The group session will be free and will require those attending (including parents/adults) to bring a plate (of finger food). These sessions will usually last for around 90 minutes - including afternoon tea.

It is encouraged for everyone to attend. For those a little shy, they may prefer to observe rather than participate. I can't stress enough just how much fun these group sessions are. Usually everyone looks forward to the next one!


For Term II, lessons will be taught from the Nintirri Centre on weekdays from 5pm and during the weekends.

Home visits will be available for lessons on weekdays prior to 5pm.